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Creating Products Not Just Art

Kendra’s work as a photographer has extended beyond just creating beautiful images to encompass a range of digital products like ebooks, digital photo downloads, and alternative photography workshops. Her deep knowledge of the craft and technical proficiency have allowed her to create unique and engaging offerings that go beyond just traditional art. Kendra’s innovative approach to photography and her willingness to experiment with different techniques has enabled her to create exceptional products that resonate with her audience. By leveraging the power of digital distribution, she has been able to reach a wider audience and build a following of fans and supporters who appreciate her style and approach. 

What Customers Are Saying

Kendra’s customers are raving about her exceptional products and services, praising her for her attention to detail, personalized approach, and ability to deliver stunning results that exceed expectations

I love it, I started to make the contraption for my vintage camera, but, my camera view finder is blurred, I need some help with it, or I have to get another vintage camera, but, her instructions are great, I even went to her Blog to thank her. Great buy.


Instant Download of
“No Swimming No Diving”

Lauren- ETSY CUSTOMER ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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