I'd like to take into my photographic mind for a minute. I like to find a striking image in the details of a big picture. Take for example this picture below:
We were on a vacation in Michigan one winter. It must have been a mild winter because there wasn't any snow yet on the ground. Well, we had passed this blue barn maybe twice on our way to and from my in-laws place when we were out and about. The third time I made my husband pull over on the side of the road so I could investigate and snap a few shots. You might have passed by too, but what caught my eye was that bright orange window surrounded by this contrasting blue! It really was perfect! You can certainly find an image out of something ordinary. It's waiting there for you to discover!
     Here is another shot I took at our Fair we have right around 4th of July. I knew I could round up some shots there. I took some with my regular DSLR and soon found myself shooting in TTV.  I then took that orginal image, duplicated, cropped and converted it to a sepia tone with my computer. Once it was converted it took on a whole new personality with the dirt and grime from my ttv camera. When I had it at the framer's she asked, " When were you there?" I said,"where?" she then said, "Paris".  I was quite flattered and I quietly mentioned it was the farris wheel from the fair in town. She was amazed!
So, I hope this encourages you to go out find that unexpected image. What you pass by everyday could be your next award winning image!
Miriam Showalter
3/30/2010 06:11:19 am

Oh, I can hardly wait for your shop page to go up! I want some K at home photography in my home!!!!

Thank you for your beautiful essays...

Aunt Miriam

4/1/2010 11:25:59 pm


I love the site you have created can't wait to see what is next.


4/9/2010 03:23:22 am

Everyday I see the ferris wheel photo that you gave me for Christmas and each time I admire it, one of the coolest pics I own!
Thanks and I love you so much...Mom


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