So let's say you are on vacation in Charleston,SC. I picked that city because it's a city full of culture and you can walk everywhere to explore the hidden alley ways that lead to courtyards, massive churches and streets lined with shops.  You get ready to go site seeing around town. Some of you may just grab your shoot and point camera which take up hardly any space in a purse or bag. Others have those big, bulky DSLR cameras. Who wants to carry around multiple bags! A purse, a camera bag, shopping bags, just too many bags!  I'm one of those who has one of those bulky DSLR cameras. I always wish I had a stylish purse that could be both a protective camera bag and be a purse at the same time.  And finally, someone had an Epiphanie! 
These Epiphanie camera bags are stylish, versatile and just brilliant!  Be sure to check out their site and see how you can win a new Canon 5D Mark!  Also check out their bags of course! They are "THE IT BAG" !

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